7 Tips To Take Care of Your Dresses

Once in a while, you find a beautiful and comfortable dress that becomes your go-to dress every other day.  If you happen to be in this situation, you definitely want the dress to last a long time.. 

Moreover, unlike kids, adults can wear a dress for quite a long time as the size does not change. Thus, taking proper care of the dress prolong its life that you can use it for many seasons to come.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Dresses?

  • Start with Quality Dress

Quality dresses should be the basis for building a good wardrobe. Once you have a collection of good quality dresses, you can add a few less expensive ones to go with the season or trend. 

It all starts with a good quality fabric that does not shrink or peel after washing. The fabric should maintain its form without bleeding even after repeated wash. Then, look for good sewing and construction. In addition to this, a good dress should come with fine trim details like buttons and zipper, if needed. They should be sewn properly so that it does not come off after a wash. For wrap dress, make sure that the tie is properly sewn around the waist. 

  • Pay special attention to the washing.

Every dress comes with a washing instruction tag on the neck or side. Pay special attention to that and wash the dress as mentioned in it. If the tag says hand wash and you find hand washing a cumbersome job, it is better not to go for the dress. Similarly, dresses that require only drycleaning can prove to be costly in the long run. Do not go for such dresses unless you can afford them.

  • Iron the dress with care

Another aspect that can ruin a dress is ironing. While ironing a dress, you should always select the right temperature. A high temperature on a delicate dress can ruin the same in no time. If the temperature is too low, then you may not get a perfectly flat dress. 

An ironing machine normally comes with heat dials for different types of fabric like cotton, silk and linen. Select the right temperature based on the type of dress. 

Katelyn Preston Dresses are wrinkle-resistant and do not require ironing. This not only saves your time but also prolongs the life of the dress.

  • Rotate your dress

Most of us have the habit of using 2-3 dresses again and again. But this is not a good habit. This will spoil the dress in no time. Instead, rotate the dress and wear it. The freshly washed and ironed dress should go to the bottom of the stack and you should use the dress from the top. This way, all dresses are used at regular intervals and the chances of wear and tear can be minimized. 

  • Follow good storage habit

Proper storage of dresses can also prolong its life. Buttons and zips should be fastened so that they do not get entangled in other garments. Invest in good quality hanger with wood or plush arms so that the shape of the dress can be maintained. Always store the dress in a cool and dry place to protect it from mold and fungus. 

  • Give dresses some breathing space

There should be enough space in your wardrobe to store your dresses conveniently. Fitting in a lot of dress in limited space can result in wrinkling and fading of clothes. If the space is not enough to store all your dresses, then you can consider investing in a new storage. 

What Are The Things To Consider While Washing Dresses?

Washing a dress is a major part of taking care of it. Thus, you should pay special attention while washing your dress. Here are some tips that you can follow

  • Segregate the dress color-wise

The last thing you want in your dress is a mix up of colors. If you have light-colored dresses like white or pastel shades, it is best to wash them together. Dark colors like black, maroon, and burgundy dresses can be mixed up in one wash. It is best to check the dress for bleeding before putting them for a wash. 

  • Turn dark colored dress inside-out before wash. 

Dark colored dress like black and navy blue tend to fade while washing. This is because they rub against each other resulting in washing out of the color. Thus, it is best to turn the dress inside-out so that the right side does not fade easily. 

  • Dry the clothes as per care instruction

Not all dresses can be tumble dried. Some like lace and rayon dresses require line drying to maintain its texture and finish. If the dress specifically mentions that it should only be line dried, then it is a good idea to invest on a cloth line or drying rack. Otherwise all types of dresses will end up in the dryer.  

  • Wash dresses with metals separately.

Sometimes dresses come with beautiful buttons and other embellishments. Some of these can melt when washed under high temperatures and can damage other clothes. Thus, it is best to hand wash this type of dress separately. 

  • Reduce the number of washes

Dresses tend to get damaged and lose its original look if they are washed continuously. Wash your dress only when there are traces of dirt on the outside. You can wear dresses 2-3 times before giving it a wash. You can use fabric freshener in between to give a fresh look to the dress. 

  • Wash dress in the correct setting

The washing machine comes with different settings for washing different types of fabric. While washing your dress, always select the right setting. If you are washing silk or satin dress, then go for a “delicate” setting. For a woolen dress, you should select the “woolen” mode. 


It is true that dresses do not last forever. It tends to get faded or torn off ultimately. But through proper care and maintenance, you can prolong its life. Similarly, dresses from reputable brands also tend to last for long as they are committed to making quality products. Such brands will have an easy return policy whereby you can get the dress exchanged if you are not satisfied with it. Katelyn Preston is one such brand that cares about its customers. If you are not satisfied with any of our dresses, you can get them exchanged with its easy and free shipping & return policy.
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